Just keep swimming

Summer is here, but what does it mean for us? If you are a university student, you are now free. Free from the university routine. Free from deadlines, tasks, objectives. So what now? Are you planning to just lay at home, party with friends and do nothing? Or do you have something prepared for yourself? Some personal deadline, some project or creative outlet? Maybe you were thinking about doing something and you never had time to do so. And now is the right time to try that. Two months without any regime is too long. If you won’t keep your mind occupied it could get dull.

Do not let that happen. Sharpen your mind again. Be a master of your time. Set yourself some goals. Wake up at a reasonable time every day. Sketch! Go for a run! Learn a new piece of software! Read a book! Start a blog! Try new things! Whatever you have lust for.

Just do not waste the time you have. It is very comfortable to just lay down, watch movies, waste time on social media and relax. But once, you will regret not doing these things when you could. Not today, not tomorrow, but one day, you will. Our time on earth is limited and we are painfully aware of that. If we will stay rigid, there won’t be any progress. And I bet you want to make the difference and push mankind few steps forward. It is painful to do that, it takes time and hard work. You must be dedicated and fight with yourself to overcome your laziness. The prize for that, however, could be amazing. The feeling of accomplishment cannot be replaced. What is done cannot be undone. With every step you take, you are one step closer to the ultimate goal. Make something that lasts.

So just keep swimming so you can end up as…