Top 37 things architects and constructing architects never say

Architects can be many things but normal. And there any many clich├ęs and stereotypes assigned to them. And stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason. See if you have ever said one of these sentences.


  1. We are under budget and everything goes according to the schedule.
  2. That contractor really knows what they are doing.
  3. We cannot build that! That would be too expensive.
  4. I slept so long and well tonight.
  5. My partner picked us a nice house from a catalogue. I can’t believe how cheap these houses are. We are going to move in in June.
  6. I can’t decide whether to buy a new car or go on a vacation. Probably both. (That would developer say)
  7. I do not know how this will be supported. That’s an engineer’s job.
  8. I love when clients tell me how to design. It feels like I am not working at all.
  9. You want to spend that much money on it? Half of that will suffice.
  10. That doesn’t matter.
  11. My opinion is not important.
  12. I do not have many books. And what I have is fiction.
  13. I do not care about concrete.
  14. I love doing cost estimations. Monotonous work is so calming.
  15. It took me just an evening to come up with this.
  16. I have lots of different hobbies, which are not related to architecture.
  17. I chose this because it was cheaper.
  18. Can I borrow your pen?
  19. I did not know what to do, so I picked an architecture school.
  20. Living in suburbs is the best.
  21. I do not drink coffee.
  22. I know everything about Revit, it was a piece of cake to learn.
  23. It was my fault, the contractor was just following my drawings.
  24. I do not want to design my own house.
  25. My partner appreciates that I am coming home early every day.
  26. My wardrobe is so colourful. (That would interior designer say)
  27. I can’t believe they are paying me that much for this.
  28. I had plenty of time to design that.
  29. I always know what I am doing. (Well, you might hear that, but it is a lie)
  30. Well, that tree has to be cut. It does not comply with my idea. Besides, there are plenty of them around.
  31. I have just enough architecture from work. Let’s talk about something else.
  32. I had this car for two years. Time for an upgrade. (That would developer say)
  33. Regulations are very important and there is no contradiction in them. Those things are so well thought through. (That would bureaucrat say)
  34. That’s fine, keep it like that. No one will notice.
  35. Hand sketching is overrated.
  36. The project is perfect and I would not change a thing.
  37. I will gladly tell you what I think of your house, my friend.
  38. I don’t need a calculator, I can count it in my head.
  39. LEGO is for kids.
  40. We should ask an interior designer what do they think about this.
  41. I love those cheap pens and pencils from IKEA (Busted, I use IKEA pencils, bummer)
  42. I have so much free time, I think I will start a blog.
  43. How about a compromise?
  44. There is no value in old buildings.
  45. Engineers deserve more credit for what they do.
  46. I love this building how it is.
  47. Let’s just finish this. Forget how it looks like.
  48. I am done.

Do you think I missed any? Write it in the comment section.