The morning after exam

The moment we have been waiting for finally passed. The exams started and our group was lucky that we were on the first day, so our suffering was not so long.

I think I have never been more nervous than on this exam day. I have been through many presentations and even a speech or two. And yes, I was nervous, to some extent. It is good to be nervous. It makes you focused. That’s how our bodies work. But this time, it was much more intense. And I think it is because here, we were presenting five months of our life. Five months of hard work and dedication. We spent many hours on our project. And we do not want to ruin it. However, the hard work shows itself. And in my opinion, both exam days went pretty well for our class. 

Our group presentation was scheduled for 50 minutes. The teachers came from lunch little later. And we started the stopwatch. The presentation was flowing quite well, however we were rushing a little. So in the end there were still some time we had to fill. So when I was finishing with our sections, I remembered those who were redlining our sections, those who helped us to spot things that were missing and I told this story to the comitee. I do not remember my exact words because I was just overwhelmed with panic. But I remember hearing myself saying ‘We can say that these sections are not only ours, but also sections of the whole class’. And luckily, teachers stick to the original schedule, so they did not notice our presentation was tiny bit shorter. 

And then, each of us had 15 minutes of personal part of the exam. Again, I was overwhelmed with nervosity, and I could not fill whole 15 minutes with explaining, so the teachers started to ask questions at the end. 

And then, I must say the results surprised me. I would give myself a lower grade, however I am always dissatisfied a bit. It could have been better. It always can. But we did our best.

I spent the second day also at school, so I could congratulate my classmates who were on the second day. 

It was pleasing to see how everybody was relieved when they have finished. I am glad our class did so well and I am proud of us.

Third semester, here we come.

(Oh, and good luck to people from AH22) 




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