Summer plans for Life of a constructing architect

With the exam just around the corner, my attention shifted little more towards it and as a logical outcome, the blog is not what it used to be. 

However, the summer is here and that means I will have tiny bit more time to do things how I want, so today, I will tell you what are my intensions with this blog over summer.

1. Better content

Let’s face it. Some of the blogpost were written in a last minute, at train going to school, or late evenings just before my personal deadline. Ideas for blogposts were sometimes better sometimes worse and the number one thing one can do to attract readers is to provide good content. I will try.


Several blogpost will probably revolve around LEGO. More specifically LEGO architecture studio. I will share some interesting construction techniques and exercises.

3. Post from Czech republic

I am going to visit my parents in my home country for two weeks, so you can expect some posts about building around my hometown. Especially about the greatest building in the world. But I won’t tell you which one is it. You will have to wait until midsummer.

4. 30 days of 2-minute sketches

For two weeks, I sit down every day for few minutes and sketch. Just very quickly, two minutes, no more, no less. Grab the basic outline of one object from around me and one building. And I would like to wrap it up in one post. If there is some improvement or not.

5. Books

I hope I will have time to read some interesting books about architecture and share something interesting. Another things is, that I am trying to actually write a book. But as you already know, I cannot sketch in a nice presentable way. And also my problem is that I start many different project. But in many cases they remain unfinished. And in order to have a nice book, at least the kind I have in mind, I would have to have nice illustrations and I cannot do that. We will see if I can move with it during summer. I promise nothing.

Oh, and for those who read it all. Good luck at the exams.




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