The joy of anticipation

Many times, people do not appreciate what they have. Commonly, we crave for something and when we finally get it, we have no longer interest in it. We want summer holidays, but get bored after first week. We want challenges and then we get overwhelmed by them. We want to buy a new thing, we are waiting until we can afford it and then when we finally buy it it is no longer so precious to us.

Wasn’t it more interesting when you were waiting for it? The feeling that soon, the thing can be yours. That time when you can nearly touch it, is the most valuable. 

We are always dissatisfied. That fuels the mankind. We always crave for more. This got us to the moon and back. We wanted more, we got it, and now we want even more. And we won’t stop.

And soon, the semester will end. But what then? It is not an end, it is only a small fraction of our life. It is not so important. The life will go ahead, holidays, another semester…Life is not about some magical end when everything will be fine. There is no happily ever after. We have to enjoy today, that is the moment we live in. Do not hope for happy end. Create happy moments every day.




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