Amazing day in LEGOland 

The weather was amazing last week, so my girlfriend and I decided spontaneously to visit the birthplace of LEGO. The birthplace of LEGO is a town of Billund in the middle of Denmark, and that is about 30km from the town we live in. 

When we arrived, we were amazed. So much LEGO bricks everywhere, so much sun and at the entrance, song ‘Everything is awesome’ from The LEGO movie was playing. We were overwhelmed by the beauty. Everything was so bright and amazing. Great place to be even for twenty years old kids as us.

We started our tour at the true heart of the LEGOland. The heart of every LEGOland is the Miniland, park with LEGO models of various sizes. In Billund we have seen Billund airport.

Famous Copenhagen street, Nyhavn.

Port of Copenhagen.

Dioramas from Star Wars.

And much more. There was a Kennedy space center, skyscrapers, few different towns of Scandinavian region and many landmarks from Denmark and various parts of the world. 

Every detail on these models is very carefully executed. The longer you look at the miniature world, the more details you see. It must have taken hours and hours of work, not just the building of these models, but also the maintenance of all of them. There are even miniature bonsai trees and because I tried to plant and keep few bonsai trees alive (unsuccesfully) I know how hard it is. There are even miniature hedges beside tiny parks and promenades and everything is alive. There is also usually some kind of piece count, so you can read how many bricks were used to build each model.

However, that is only a small part of the LEGOland. The whole park consist of different zones which correspond to different themes LEGO released. Some of them are already retired, some of them are still on sale.

One of the zones is for example LEGO Ninjago zone.

Here you can try a ride which uses 3D glasses and motion sensor. When you ride around the complex, there are monsters attacking you and you have to do ninja moves to lunch projectiles to defeat them. 

Or you can try to avoid deadly lasers at Lloyds laser labyrint. The funny part is that some people behind you at the queue actually see when you go to the laser hall and they may judge you. So as a true ninja I was jumping and rolling on the floor and even though I was hit I bet I left an impression with my silly ninja wannabe style. 

The absolute highlight of the visits were the most adult rollercoasters. The Arctic X-plorer and X-treme racers. Both are thrilling and the first time on both of them was quite scary. When we ended the first ride though, we knew we needed to go again. So in the end we went on Arctic X-plorer at least five times. Another great part is the Ice pilots school. The concept is brilliant, you get a card and you scan it at the computer and there you can choose what you want to experience on a giant robotic arm which can spin you around and upside down, sideways or rotate. Your choice and you are responsible for it. I started at level 3 out of five and then went back once again for level 4. And maybe next time I will dare to try some trick from level 5.

Luckilly, the season is just beginning so there were not so many people and we never waited more then 5-10 minutes. In the season I can imagine the park filled with people and the waiting times could probably be much worse.

And at the end of the day, we knew that we would still need at least one more day to fully enjoy everything the park can offer. We haven’t been to all rides and we could ride the X-plorer many times until we would get bored by it. And there were many things we missed, 4D cinema, The Dragen, Safari, Sea life. I could even spend a whole day just looking at all the tiny detail at the Miniland. There is simply so many amazing things to do and see.

Because of all this I really recomand to visit LEGOland if you are either; LEGO fan, kid up to 99 years old. You are guaranteed to experience a lot of fun and you will feel much younger than you really are. Plus the atmosphere is jolly. Everybody aroud you is having fun as well and the collective spirit is great. The employees are supernice and funny and they seem to enjoy the work, even though it must be hard. They are bringing joy to so many people. The LEGOland is a special place and everybody should feel it once in their life.




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