Tusindfryd 7 – What’s up? The roof.

It is time for another check up on our building site. The weather was nice so we once again headed to the building site. And when we got there, we nearly couldn’t recognise the house. The roof trusses were up and the mechanical ventilation system was being installed.

Here is the view on the covered carport. In the back, you can see a shed, which might be used for storing bikes or some garden accessories. The shed is nicely framed and we could not find anything wrong. The same goes with the trusses. Seems like the guys did a good job. In the front, we can see a column supporting the beam which holds the trusses.


On the other hand, below you can see the place of the crime from last visit. Long story short. Minor measurement mistake in the shower stall caused, that the wall on the picture is only partially resting on the concrete. I tried to see how bad it is and I actually could fit my whole hand below the wall. So the wall is kind of levitating. Nothing serious, but it could have been done better. Mistakes happen, but they should not. Notice how they simply cut out the polystyrene, which was there as kind of a ‘void form’ so they can later pour the concrete below the shower, which will be lower than the level of rest of the floor.And misalignment of that ‘void form’ is the cause of the floating wall.


Another thing worth checking is this roof anchor. This piece of metal is embedded into foundation and is tied to the truss so it holds the roof in case of very strong wind.  This one is 40 mm wide, but they can also be wider in case of heavy loads, which might occur on taller buildings or on windy places like beside sea or on open fields. This particular anchor is tied up to the trimmer beam between trusses since as you can see there is an opening on the right so the anchor could not go where the window should be.


Here is a picture authorities probably should not see. There is one thing definitely missing here and that one thing is railing on the scaffolding. I would say, at that height, it is actually not necessary, but the rules are rules. We do not want to see people trying to sue each other. Better safe than sorry.


And finally, the view from inside. Trusses, walkway for inspections and battens prepared for installation of the ceiling.


As a conclusion I must say that at least to me, it appears that the roof so far is quite well done. What do you think about it? Do you have any area where I can look to find some mistakes? Where do mistakes usually happen at roof construction? If you know, let me know.




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