Breakfast deconstructed

Even though Easter holidays just ended, I have been pretty busy last few days and therefore I did not have time to prepare post for today. So when I woke up, I came up with an idea to write a post about not having an idea. That though rolled back and forth in my skull and evolved. And as soon as I was fully awake, I remembered my new favourite piece of kitchenware. Today, you are going to witness part of my morning routine. And catch a glimpse of my new and totally cool breakfast bowl.


I usually wake up at 6:30, and I am leaving my flat at 6:50. The time frame for morning routine is short, but I want to be effective. The very first thing I do in the morning is eating my breakfast. Because of my lovely girlfriend, there is usually a vase with flowers on our table. And in a not-fully-conscious state of mind, I put cereals to the bowl and pour milk on them. That is quite healthy and effective way to start the day. And now, with my awesome bowl, it is even nearly zen experience.


That bowl. Isn´t it magnificent? Danmark has a long and bountiful design culture. Danish people do not hesitate to spend tremendous amount of money on design kitchenware, furniture or clothes. Last week I saw this geometric bowl inspired by the origami and I had to have it. It is made of raw aluminium. Well, just look at it, perfect bowl for me and my morning cereal. It is quite heavy and when you drop it, it won´t break. Rather, it breaks the floor. The bowl is true in the material, you can see all the marks left by the process of making, every imperfection and discoloration.  Mag-ni-fi-cent. It was designed by Mette Hagedorn, founder of Base212.


So I eat my breakfast and I am ready to face challenges the day brings.




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