Tusindfryd 7 – Slab check

The weather was much nicer than last time so most of us were excited about our second visit at the building site.


And even though only a week passed from our last visit, the amount of work that has been completed is huge. The foundation blocks were in place, plumbing system covered, and both layers of polystyrene were in place. Horsens and most of Denmark is built on clay, therefore the excavation was filled with compacted sand and slab is built on that. floor textfloor

Notice the colour of the polystyrene, this one is lambda 31, whereas the normal polystyrene has lambda 37. That means that this grey polystyrene insulates about 20% better than the white one. The colour is because of the graphite, which is added during manufacturing process. And graphite is also the reason of the better insulation properties. And since it is used in this house, which is built by a company that builds hundreds of these every year, we may assume, that it is also more economical solution than standard polystyrene.


Below you can see pipes for electrical cables. And also bitumen felt acting as a waterproofing and also radon barrier.


And below, you can see floor heating installed. Notice how the pipes are clipped onto polystyrene. Now concrete contractor may come again and pour the slab.


And the last picture is the manifold installed.17837499_1261833030532241_1116255694_o

Now the easter holidays are here, and we won´t get onto site for next two weeks. I am already excited about what are we going to see next time, although the house is boring and I hate it.

Next time I would like to analyse the house and point out what could have been done better.

What do you think about the work? Do you think it is done how it should have been? Could it be better?




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