Looking for purpose

Since I started this blog few days ago, I should define why am I doing this at all. Why? Do I have such an amount of spare time? Hardly. Do I have knowledge to pass down? Pffffff, good one. Am I funny enough to amuse possible readers? Sadly, no.

Soooooo, let’s turn it upside down. I might gain the knowledge while maintaining this blog, I might gain something to share at school, I might sneak in some hilarious lousy joke from time to time. Let´s just say I have some potential and we will see if I grow and flourish or not.

What I hope will keep this in motion, is my desire to sum up my wild thoughts, so I can recall it later in my life. I would like to use this blog as a tool for my own learning. I want to have a nice blog, where I can find what I have been up to. Having a blog seems like a necessity in today’s world. Architects are no longer lonely geniuses, locked inside their studios. Nowadays, architecture is about collaboration, technologies. Drafting desk has been burned down and forgotten and mysterious abbreviations like CAD and BIM are all around. Architecture has evolved, and in order to survive, we must evolve as well. I love the idea of lonely genius, I admire Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, Peter Zumthor (or as architects call them – Frankie, Corbi and Pete) and many others. But the age of those has ended. Today, we are most likely hear about the company, about the team which stands behind the project. There are exceptions, yes. But even behind the names of those starchitects are big teams of professionals and the bigger the project, the more are involved. Hence I must connect as well, even though I am cold, heartless, reserved person and since I am so easy-going, heartwarming and funny companion, I hope to join with the others who love architecture as I do and this blog will hopefully help me to achieve that.





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