Modular odyssey – Introduction

One of the things architects and/or constructing architects do is that they are using modular elements to;

  • Cut down the construction cost
  • Bring harmony to chaos
  • Limit endless possibilities
  • Use prefabrication to their advantage
  • Speed up the construction

But when did all this started? Is it the phenomenon of the last decade to produce most of the elements off-site and just put them together as pieces of LEGO? I doubt it, just look at this picture.


See that ?! Even the good people from antic times used a modular grid to lay these corinthian columns. That means that using modular grids is not something new, we were doing it for hundreds of years.


Socrates might have walked below this piece of architecture which was built in 4th-century BC using modular grid! It might be coded in our genes, eve in nature we can see that most of the organisms are made from smaller segments, which are connected and operate as one.


As does this cute centipede (my apology to ladies). From this, we might conclude that adapting to a modular grid is a natural order and human actually sense it as a harmonious way, which has been with us from the beginning.

I would like to think of this short blogpost as an introduction to shorter series, which will cover some of the elements. I hope there is some value in what I am planning to do.




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